Car wash - Saturation Points
One of the reasons for starting this blog was to allow me to keep a note of my watery dreams so that I wouldn't forget them.  Of course, since then I haven't had any.  Until last night.

It's all a bit vague, as dreams tend to be, but I was on some kind of road trip in the USA with a female companion.  Annoyingly though, I've no idea who she was.  She was wearing a pale blue t-shirt like one my ex Natalie used to wear, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't her; the dream girl was better looking.  Anyway, I was in the passenger seat as Dream Girl pulled in to a petrol station (okay, gas station if you must) but instead of petrol pumps (yeah yeah, gas pumps!), there were several devices which looked like pe..... gas pumps but actually delivered water instead of any kind of petroleum-based product.  They had shower attachments on the ends of the nozzles and were clearly designed for washing cars, but Dream Girl decided it would be much more fun to turn the shower on herself.  I sat there open mouthed as she allowed the water to pour over her shoulders and down her back, turning her already quite thin t-shirt into little more than a pale blue tint over her skin and her bra.  After thoroughly soaking herself, she got back in the car and drove off, but we didn't get very far as she found it quite difficult to drive with my hands all over her...  8-)

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