I don't consider myself to be a huge Who fan, but I like to keep an eye on the show from time to time, so murmurings of a new special edition billed as The Waters Of Mars caught my attention.  I've been looking out for details over the past couple of weeks but they're only just starting to trickle out (as it were).  Naturally with a title like that, my first thought was "Is there going to be any wetlook in it?"  In fact, that was pretty much my only thought, it has to be said.  I still haven't found out many details, so I don't think what I'm about to say is a spoiler, but if you're a mad Who fan who doesn't want to know anything at all about the show before it goes out, look away now!  Otherwise, read on...
Still here?  Good.  Now then.  The trailer does show some wet people, but whether they're male or female is hard to determine. Now though, Digital Spy has put up some photos from the new episode, which certainly shows that there will at least be one wet female, which is great... if you're not too fussy about your women being in need of a little lip balm.
Hmmmm.  I'll report back on Sunday.

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