Welcome to Saturation Points.  This is where I bare my soul to the virtual world and type all the stuff I'm far too shy to actually say to anyone.  ;-)

Why's that then?

Well, I have a secret.  I'm a wetlooker.  That's not an actual word, of course, it's a term I've made up to describe someone who enjoys the fetish which someone else decided should be called "wetlook".  What it really means is that I derive pleasure from seeing ladies getting their clothes wet.  Whereas other guys fantasise about seeing women naked, I fantasise about seeing them fully clothed but soaking wet.

I've spent years, decades even, asking myself why this should be, and never really come up with a fully convincing answer.  The best I can do is to suggest that there are two forces at work: the fact that deliberately getting wet with one's clothes on can be seen as an act of rebellion against the expectations of society (surely everyone's mother told them not to play in the puddles / river / sea / rain with their good clothes on?); and the fact that a woman in soaked, clinging and/or see-through clothing provides a tantalising glimpse of what lies beneath while allowing her to maintain the dignity of being fully clothed, a concept which I find far more erotic than one who is quite willing to disrobe at the drop of a hat and display her naked self to all and sundry.

So what's this site about?

Well, unlike most "wetlook" sites, and despite what I've just said, it's not about pictures of girls in wet clothes.  It's about my thoughts on the subject (hopefully I have some interesting points to raise on the subject, hence "Saturation Points", ha ha) and a place to collect the stories I've written about women getting their clothes wet.  If you understand the points I'm making then hopefully you too are a "wetlooker".  Welcome.