Wasted Wetlook Opportunities #1

(Originally posted on my old blog in December 2007)

#1 in a depressingly long-running series, I rather fear.

Yesterday's talk of girl group members reminded me of the video for the Sugababes' single Stronger, some five years ago now.  I remember seeing the promotional photos which had been circulated and getting very excited about the potential content of the video, given that the photos looked like this:
I spent ages looking for the video or more pictures from it online, even sat in front of some incredibly tedious music channels for weeks on end, and eventually it appeared.

What a complete waste of time.  Each girl appears under the shower, fully clothed - but only for a second each.  How very artistic.  Makes me wonder how the girls felt about getting completely drenched for incredibly brief shots that contribute little or nothing to the finished video.  Perhaps the director just wanted an excuse to see the girls soaking wet and had to use a bit of the footage in the final video to justify it to them.  Hmmmm... maybe I could get a job directing pop videos.
Don't bother sitting through the whole thing, the interesting bits are at 1:44, 3:03, 3:06, 3:09, 3:28 and 3:32.